A Quick Look at the Lungs and the Heart!


The Cardiac Assessment Landmarking for Auscultation - Make sure your stethoscope is warmed up!

Having Problems Figuring out Heart Sounds? Check out this video!

Some More Great Resources for Heart and Lung Sounds:

Check out this site for heart and lung sounds. Turn up your speakers, its quite faint! You Need Flash/Adobe!


The video below is awesome.... some new vocabulary, but do not freak out.... just check out the assessment and how simply it is conducted and explained. It might ease your anxiety for when you conduct this on a real patient!

You will note that she notes an ERB's area.. that is at the 3rd intercostal space on the left side, but dont worry about this for your assessment, I am happy with the 4 points that we talked about.

Stethoscope Landmarking for Lung Auscultation: